1st Lexington Scouting Group


Waterloo, Ontario, Canada


 A dynamic group of youth from ages 5 up into young adulthood.  With a dedicated group of leaders who know our community and our youth, 1st Lexington helps develop girls and boys into exceptional adults.

 COVID 19: 1st Lexington Scout Group, is following along with the Government and School Closures and are ceasing Scouting Activities until further notice. This is also in accordance to Scouts Canada. For further information please refer to Scouts Canada's information on the Novel Covid 19 situation here. Parents please keep an eye on your emails.

Using the calendar

Hover over the Calendars tab  and click on the Section you want to see (Beavers, Cubs or Scouts) and click on it. You will see the current month's list of events as well as that month's calendar for that Section. You can move forward or back a month at a time with the < or > directional arrow.

Alternatively: Click on the top "Calendars" tab to see a calendar with three sections's events; at the bottom of that calendar you can select the section you want. In this view you can also select to see the calendar by month, the current day, week. Even by year. And you can jump to some month in the future, no Time Machine required.

Hovering on a date will pop up the name of the event, date and time. Click on the Event Name in the date's box (not the pop up) to see  full details.
It will usually have times, location, sometimes a map and maybe a contact name.

If you are allowed to register for that particular event, there will be a "Register" button in the upper right corner of the details page.

But wait! There's more!  You have the page with the detail and you want it in your own calendar of course! Click on the tiny calendar/clock icon on the right and you can export that event/meeting to your own Google or Yahoo calendar, instantly. Use the Save iCal link that pops up.  Do you use Outlook or some other calendar? You will need to manually import it into your Outlook, etc.


Bonus for logged in leaders with just the right credentials: Those leaders who are authorized to post events in the calendar will also have a "pencil" editing icon and can make last minute changes on the fly. Do you want to send the event to social media? You will also see links at the page's bottom to common solcial media sites. Only logged in leaders can see these.


Community Support:



Proudly supported by Max’s Sports World




Sponsored by Waterloo North Optimists



BEAVERS  Age 5-7

 Opening the door to friendship and adventure for girls and boys aged 5-7, Beaver Scouts discover the world through teamwork and fun activities.

Download brochure from Scouts Canada website.





CUBS Age 8-10

 With the Cub motto, “Do Your Best”, girls and boys aged 8-10 take on new challenges with their Cub Pack, embarking on outdoor adventures and exploring a variety of fun activities like STEM projects and cultural experiences.

Download brochure from Scouts Canada website.



SCOUTS Age 11-14

Scouts have fun youth-led adventures discovering new things and experiences they wouldn’t discover elsewhere. It’s the perfect place for kids to be kids, immersed in nature while developing leadership and critical thinking skills.  Along the way, they develop into capable, confident individuals, better prepared for success in the world.

Download brochure from Scouts Canada website


The Venturer Scout program is for teens between 15 and 17 years old. Its stated aim to "offer exciting, real life, hands-on experiences for youth". Its activities can include hiking, camping, and more advanced training programs: white water kayaking / canoeing, mountaineering, week-long expeditions in National parks and international activities including service projects.

Use the CONTACTS above to get details from the Group Commissioner.



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